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About Us

Our Mission: Empower everyone to find the best investments within decentralized finance by providing accurate, clean, and accessible data.

Our Team

DefiDive is managed by a small team of decentralized finance advocates. Many of our team discovered crypto as early as 2011 and have prior experience in FAANG tech companies or investment banks. Whether it is trading, investing, staking, or coding, over the years our team has done it all. Now we want to build tools that make decentralized finance more accessible to others and empower them to pursue a bankless life.

Our Founding Story

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of friends would play online multiplayer games to stay in touch and have fun. Conversations about decentralized finance became unavoidable given the booming prices and our prior background in crypto. We learnt that all of us wanted a product that could provide better access to quality data, news, and analysis.

We realised that between us we were using dozens of different websites to monitor digital asset prices, check transaction fees, and learn token fundamentals. Often we would face information-overload navigating through bloated websites. At that point, friends old and new began to work on a data terminal that provides powerful yet succinct information, presented in a clean interface.

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